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Types of Trades

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List of different types of careers, including job information, education and experience requirements, salary information, and how to get hired. although many jobs in this category will require some education past high school, Work-at-Home Jobs.

What They Do

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If you think working at home means stuffing envelopes and answering phones, think again. Today's telecommuting workforce is enjoying many options when picking positions that appeal to them not only in terms of the work but how it helps meet their families' needs. Instead of working in a traditional call center environment, our Convergys Work At Home program hires customer service agents who work directly from home. We have three basic types of work for home positions; all are required to provide customer service support. Some positions are more sales or technically focused. Many of the telecommuting positions have evolved from positions previously performed in a central office where the employer has allowed the flexibility to Work From Home. Other positions to explore are Stay-at-Home Mom jobs and Online Data Entry jobs.